About Us

TotalServ PRO is a Microsoft Certified Advanced Dynamics CRM Partner in a very unique high-value global products and services business model. A US company built on global resource value, state-of-the-art process and performance technologies we build, use, and sell 24/7 in languages to every region on the globe.

What We Do

TotalServ PRO builds on a model of continuously extending superior value through a unique product development and delivery process coupled to a state-of-the-art Account services operation that truly delivers globally best value for CRM to ERP customization business improvement.

TotalServ PRO large volume of Services allows a practiced drive-down of costs by productizing common CRM functional gaps and deep development in unique high-value Microsoft CRM platform extensions. TotalServ PRO uses what it develops to extend service performance excellence and enterprise management experience for ever refined products and technology delivery. TotalServ PRO is relied-on by over 400 Microsoft Partners globally to perform their Microsoft Dynamics CRM client services and deliver pendably solid CRM gap solutions deat great value. TotalServ PRO is the founder and managing partner of the globally leading Microsoft CRM aggregate knowledge dedicated community Dynamics Exchange.com

Why TotalServ PRO

TotalServ PRO Sales, Engineering, and Professional Services organizations deliver CRM comprehensive services live 24/5 plus 24/7 online e-commerce and project management built and optimized for efficiency of delivery everywhere on the globe.

TotalServ PRO services are offered in clear low-cost-hourly, or fixed-rate-task-oriented options to make MTC easy to engage the first time and long-term. Satisfaction is guaranteed!