About TotalServ PRO

TotalServ PRO is product and services offered packaged by a partnership of Microsoft Certified advanced Dynamics 365/CRM professional organizations for development, sales, and support of a unique product that fits around and complements Microsoft’s own Dynamics platform and individual module options.

As USA companies built on globally affordable resource center values, state-of-the-art process and performance technologies that we build, including this product and all the components of it, which we use, sell, and support as TotalServ Pro - 24/7 around the globe.

Why TotalServ PRO

TotalServ PRO is the best of a best-in class business automation platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365, with your choice of all or only select most affordable Microsoft Dynamics 365 licenses in packaged combination with TotalServ Pro licenses to achieve the best fit to your needs and budget. TotalServ Pro works well with Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Power BI, and Microsoft 365 in addition to the Dynamics 365 CDS2 (CRM) platform.

TotalServ Pro is unique as a single platform, optimized to services organizations, particularly rapid-repetitive services sales companies, and great for companies with detail intricacy, multiple tasks from multiple staff, to their offering. A complete end-to-end solution build, delivered, implemented, and supported by the same company globally and on world class Microsoft technologies, available and supported by thousands of professionals globally.

TotalServ PRO implementation, web design, and customization services are offered in clear affordable options to make TotalServ Pro easy to own and tailor to your company’s unique and changing needs over time.