The Custom Software Development Solutions for Service Industries

World class technology and functionality that�s easy-to-use on any device. Professional grade at a low price. Intelligent sales, marketing, and customer Service, simple-flow innovative service Job/Project visual controls, internal and external resource management, customer & partner website portal access, all� with real-time accounting and business school management tools.

Manage Services Effortlessly & Efficiently

Manage Service Operations
TotalServ Pro�s easy-to-use Job/Project management state-of-the-art visual tools improve the productivity and profitability of your business using a Gantt auto-schedule, familiar calendaring, company schedule, Task Board, flexible time postings of internal or Uber-economy external resources, and management-by-exception dashboards. The optional web portal creates live online customer access.
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Automate Business Processes Affordably

Grow the Sales and Customer Service
Grow your business to plan by effectively guiding your sales, marketing, and customer Service teams and strategies, revenue and profits, with the TotalServ Pro�s analyst-top-rated �Customer Relationship Management� (CRM) solution in-use today by millions around the globe. Conveniently available on most-popular devices or platform.
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Web Portal Access for Business Continuity

24/7 Easy Web Portal
TSP offers 24/7 easy intuitive online self-service so that customers and resources can easily connect and drive more sales and productivity for your business. Allow your customers and prospects the 24/7 transparent full-self-service access they desire. Expand your service offerings in the Uber-economy with remote access �External� or contract, on-demand resources to leverage your business everywhere.
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Intelligent Accounting & Financial Management

Accounting and Financial Management
TSP empowers you to perform fluid and secure accounting and financial management with the real-time operational data on the end-to-end platform. Monitoring your P&L Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Financial Ratios, Purchasing, Inventory, with the business critical financial data Dashboard assures the financial success of your business.
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Smart Tools & Technologies for Easy Management

Innovative Company Management
Deliver more jobs/projects with utmost quality leveraging TotalServ Pro’s state-of-the-art Enterprise software services that provide unlimited and seamless access to Gantt chart & resource schedule for ultimate resource management; task boards and dashboards for real-time statistics; calendaring for day/week/month wise activity tracking views; web portals for customer self-service and accounting tools for maintaining healthier financials.
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Process Automation for Better Performance

Innovative Ease-of-Use Powerful Process Automation
TSP allows you to leverage its ready-to-use automated business processes embedded through Microsoft Dynamics 365 (aka Microsoft CRM) technologies to eliminate redundancies and improve your operational efficiency. Create custom business process automation, dialogs, and workflows based on your business needs to drive productivity up, human errors out, and customer satisfaction to ever higher levels.
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Cross-platform development services

Mobile And Any Device
TSP leverages Microsoft’s technology leadership in platform independence, providing cross-platform development services to assure your personal choice device independence. TSP’s mobile clients offer flexibility and reliability to your mobile workforce allowing them to manage all company functions on the go. Start tapping into TSP’s mobile clients to drive more productivity and profitability for your business.
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Intelligent Machine Learning & Digital Assistance

Machine Intelligent Assistant
TotalServ Pro utilizes the state-of-the-art technologies of Microsoft labs in the Microsoft business platform TSP is built on, to allow you and your people to reach ever new levels of productivity and customer satisfaction. Especially, the analytics-driven intelligence and knowledge management systems help you to easily identify customer preferences and anticipate ever growing customer demands.
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Best Communication & Collaboration Tools

Leading Productivity Tool Tight Integration
TotalServ Pro streamlines the sales and service processes of your business by leveraging tight native integration of Microsoft Office 365, the undisputed leader in business productivity tools that you are probably already using. The overall combination will have a high impact on your business workflows and processes resulting in more sales and revenue growth.
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Flexible Choice with Affordable Pricing

Functionality needed by all Areas of Your Business
TotalServ Pro offers a variety of total-solution configurations with role-based affordable pricing plans that will fit your business needs and not affect your monthly budget. TSP is priced to be affordable to connect every member of your company, both internal and external, from sales to accounting, yet with flexibility to support your unique business today and in the future on your budget.
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