Intuitive Real-Time Financial Controls

As an end-to-end services business solution, TotalServ Pro ties accounting and financial management in to your businesses service operations in real-time offering closed-loop control and analysis of your Job/Project profitability and overall company financial growth.

From capturing all business functions’ financial impact accurately and live, while managing the skills and costs of your Human Capital for internal staff and external resources, to correctly applying modern accepted financial reporting and analysis, for multiple company entities you run, TSP continually drives your business’ growth.

Because your accounting is in the TSP Microsoft Dynamics platform, the best client management and individual productivity tools, empower high-efficiency to your finance operations team like never before.


Benefit from Innovative Real-Time Controls & Analysis

TSP offers flexible financials allowing you to create your own account structure. You have the ability to create just one main account number or a more sophisticated segmented structure for multi-locations or cost centers. Create and maintain unlimited budgets based on your business demands. Define your own journal entry types to classify entries for generating financial reports unique to your business structure. Optionally set up Dimensions for highly detailed financial tracking and analysis. Financial reports can be exported to PDF or Excel format.

Financial Reports Included


Manage the Growth and Controls of Your Income

TotalServ Pro allows you flexibility to manage orders and invoices in a process that fits your business needs. Do rapid on-the-fly product and service one-off instant invoicing and high-volume accumulated service-task-line-item automatic invoice generation.

On a single screen, you can create an invoice, calculate sales tax, print or email it, and then post it, so that your customers can pay you with equal ease. Apply checks, cash, or credit cards for payments in a simple one step process. Recurring invoices automatically sends invoices to customers.

A “One Correction” button makes miss-steps disappear with a full audit trail. Customize you’re the flow of invoice process, the customer look and feel of Quotes, Orders, and Invoices and even multiple forms to fit your business.


Integrated and Easy Vendor and PO Management

Fully integrated Purchasing is easy with TSP. On a single screen, you can enter a PO voucher, post the voucher, and print a check. Missteps are easily corrected with the “One Correction” button – with full audit trail. Even set recurring payments to vendors.

TotalServ Pro will automatically track 1099’s at the voucher level so you can easily manage vendors who get multiple types of payments. To ensure your data security, TSP has pre-defined security roles so that payments cannot be done by unauthorized Users.


Integrated Inventory Management and Financial Controls

Your Inventory is controlled and financially monitored with TSP so that customers are always provided with items in a timely manner. All inventory items are tracked in detail in the TotalServ Pro’s Inventory Master with pricing and location defined. See the inventory items that are immediately saleable as well inventory items that are stored as per sales forecasts at-a-glance.


Manage the Utilization and Financial Impact of Your Human Resources

Fully integrated Human Capital management of your internal and external resources for skill levels, utilization, and real-time financial impact completes your closed loop control over services profitability. Easy export or optional integration to most any payroll service.


Critical Financial Performance Management and Analysis

Communicate your financial performance information to your users through the appropriate dashboards, reports and alerts. Highlight specific segments that you know users are interested in and ensure that your visualizations are simple, actionable and contain minimal amounts of junk. Dashboards help support value-added analytics.

TotalServPro Accounting and financial management FEATURES LIST

Accounts Payable

  • Vendor records management
  • Payment date calculation
  • Suspicious payment alerts
  • EFT support
  • Advance payment scheduling
  • Accounts payable purchase order reconciliation

Accounts Receivable and Billing

  • Customer accounts management
  • Invoice creation
  • Custom accounts receivable terms
  • Progress billing
  • Sales attributions
  • Cost of goods sold reporting
  • Account holds
  • Recurring invoices
  • Balance-forward
  • Sales tax calculation
  • Credit card payment support
  • Invoice duplication
  • Customer credit management

Budgeting and Forecasting

  • What if scenarios
  • Versioning & approvals
  • Sales forecasts
  • Actual variance reporting
  • Rolling budgets

Fixed Assets

  • Multiple depreciation formulas

General Ledger & Financial Reporting

  • Double entry, accrual accounting
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit and loss
  • Chart of accounts
  • Flexible accounting periods
  • Departmental tracking
  • Inter-company transfers
  • Automatic reversing entries
  • Fund accounting
  • Flexible account codes
  • Financial statement consolidations
  • Statistical accounts

Cash Management

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Cash flow analysis and positioning


  • SKU tracking and stock counts
  • Serial number or lot tracking
  • Location tracking & movement history
  • Product movement history
  • Price management
  • Bill of materials, kitting
  • Stock level alerts
  • LIFO, FIFO, average cost options
  • Landed costs
  • Unit of measurement conversion

Job Costing

  • Estimate vs actual reporting
  • Customizable cost breakdowns


  • Purchase orders
  • Purchase requisitions
  • Auto-generated PO’s
  • Vendor management


  • Role-based authentication & user privileges
  • Audit trails
  • Encryption
  • Automatic data back-up
  • Locked reporting periods


  • Search tools
  • Import/export
  • Web-based
  • Unlimited records
  • Custom reporting
  • Report templating
  • Multi-currency
  • Integration
  • Mobile apps
  • Approvals management
  • Multi-user
  • Multi-entity
  • Graphical management dashboards
  • Configurable alerts