About TotalServ PRO

TotalServ Pro (TSP) is developed to innovatively fit a broad range of services business needs. And built to a market position improving upon dozens of incomplete small-to-medium-business (SMB) solutions with the end-to-end complete payoff and advanced technology of large but complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. TSP and the team behind it are built to be launch, presented, and supported to be extremely quick to implement fully by design.

TSP is focused at the very specific needs of modern and future services types of businesses with affordability and ease-of-use. And the every-staff-member-empowered end-to-end completeness required for maximum productivity, and with ever-advancing advanced technology of the world’s best technologies to assure the investment.

The SMB solutions all only provide a component or two or part of a services business’ overall needs such as time keeping, or accounting, or contact management, e-commerce websites that tend to be affordable and even easy-to-use, but resulting in a collection of dissimilar systems and tools stunting productivity during critical growth years. The large solutions tend to be very expensive to purchase, implement and maintain

TSP was developed on a platform for the cloud on a bet that one company would be a leader and have the resources to develop the most advanced technology. Today that leadership is reality and the platform is Microsoft’s One-Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365, and Azure and Cortana Intelligent Cloud Services.

TotalServ Pro is built and supported by a global team of significant leadership and experience for the TSP offering. Management Technology Consulting (MTC) in partnership with Gravity Software with an engineering and business professional services team across 7 offices on 4 continents. MTC Is the #1 provider of solutions offered in Microsoft’s Dynamics AppSource app store and the #1 provider of engineering services

TSP is built on and is very similar to Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Enterprise with Sales and Project Services and Dynamics 365 Business (NAV) Financials and in fact takes advantage of everything that these solutions offer of the leadership benefits in today’s “One Microsoft” business cloud model with advanced technology including Azure and Cortana intelligence and the Office suite familiarity.

TSP though based on the advanced technologies of Dynamics 365, is by design, well-focused on SMB services businesses that need some job intricacy and intelligent scheduling management but not complex project management and massive field service operations, and require a more affordable price point and a very easy-to-use automated business flow, intelligent online customer self-service in entirety, and assured quick start-up.