24/7 Easy Customer and Resource Web Access

TotalServ Pro’s integrated self-service website portal, ready for any type of “services” business, enables your customers and even external “Uber-economy” resources your company uses, the ease of access to the rich and timely information they want and need in working with your business at the highest satisfaction levels. In doing so, TotalServ Pro aims to minimize the interactions by other assisted support channels such as in-person, telephone, email etc, driving your costs down and your performance up.

With TotalServ Pro’s integrated Online Self-Service, your company’s real-time service activities are ordered and monitored conveniently by customers to serve them as they want to do business today, boosting their satisfaction with your business.

TotalServ Pro supports external service execution management by providing self-service web access to external resources globally to follow up and post to assigned tasks, allowing your business to do business anywhere with on-demand resources.


Customer Online Self-Service Built-In to Your Business

With easy and anytime customer access provided by TotalServ Pro’s integrated online self-service portal, you can enable your prospects and customers to better access your offerings resulting in greater customer satisfaction, and greater business performance and expansion capability.

Now your customers can view their quotes, jobs, resources, invoices, special performance dashboards, and more to monitor their service delivery, past, present, and future from your business. TSP’s customer web portal provides the 100% transparency and accountability people expect from services business today.

TotalServ Pro’s leading “CRM” technology, and real-time online “Survey” follow-up enables you to track all customer interactions for analyzing buying behavior to drive up more sales, and assure the highest customer satisfaction. TotalServ Pro’s customer web portal is built-in not tacked-on to your business operations.


Manage Contract & On-Demand Resources Globally

Today businesses increasingly leverage external resources to complement their processes, if these are not actually the basis of their business in this on-demand digital era.

With TotalServ Pro’s External Resource Management capabilities, you can add and manage contract and on-demand resources globally at reduced and even no-charge user fees for a total business solution value meeting any business criteria. As a result, you can meet seasonal resource fluctuation, growth and territorial expansion goals, and even create the next “Uber-esque-economy” business with on-demand resources globally.

Campaign Management


Built-in Automated Surveys Assure Customer Satisfaction
Campaign Management

TotalServ Pro even includes a robust automatic task, job-level, general marketing customer survey system that sends inviters to a quick online survey questionnaire assuring customer satisfaction with your business.


Online Payment Management for Services and Products

TotalServ Pro offers robust online payment management so that your customers find it easy and convenient to pay for your services and products. TSP Portal online payment processing, accepting major credit cards, PayPal, and popular payment processes, is fast and secure enabling your customers to experience convenient online service or product ordering, and for you to assure receipts and get payments to your bank account fast and effortlessly.


Customer Retention and Marketing Personalization
Campaign Management

TotalServ Pro helps you in tracking the customer actions on the website such as downloads, queries, orders and contact information so that personalized marketing campaigns can be created around it for retaining and driving prospects to the website for more sales. So, identify and connect with potential customers by leveraging TotalServ Pro CRM solution.


Make the Customer Portal match the design and goals of Your Website

TotalServ Pro boasts a large pool of website design and development specialists who are available at globally competitive rates to help transform your existing website into your customized marketing and customer service portal which reflects your design and business goals.

The team’s broad experience in customer portal self-service technology and professional graphic design talent for the marketing and selling web properties assures your one-stop shop for your TSP implementation to your portal.