Assure Continuous Growth for Your Business through Management Innovation

Transform and continually improve the way you run and manage your company with TotalServ Pro’s Innovative tools, processes, and functionality for management companywide. Innovation in TotalServ Pro helps you to anticipate customer needs for continually engaging prospects and customers in order to drive more sales at the front-end of your business. Powered by the latest Microsoft technologies.

TotalServ Pro's business consulting solutions provide you with the tools to easily upsell your product and service suggestions. Template-based Jobs with elaborate task details including time and resources can be instantly copied to new quotes with new total hours in practically one-click for fast and accurate order processing by your people. Online approval, payment and self-service of your quotes and jobs by your customers is a TSP convenience that wins and keeps customers.


Efficiently Handle Your Business Resiliency Service Operations with Innovative Management Tools

TSP manages your business resiliency service operations with intelligent visual tools, usable from most device types, giving your people the freedom to run your business the best way possible with the least headaches.

Project and service managers will work much more efficiently from orders process-built ready to launch their live Job with detail Task Gantt against real-time resource allocation and booked jobs visual intelligent scheduling making their jobs a delight.


Integrated Web Portal for Your Customers and External Resources Self Service

TotalServ Pro offers state-of-the-art web portals for your customers and external resources to get connected with your business online. Your TSP self-service web portals allow your customers and external resources to save time and money working with your business. While customers would be empowered to order, pay, and review service engagements online, external resources could be efficiently handled by you on a job-to-job basis for driving more productivity and revenue.


Intelligent Service-Based Financials Delivers the Information You Need

TotalServ Pro’s easy-to-use integrated accounting and financial management focused around service businesses with innovations to help drive the profitability of your business. Take to TotalServ Pro’s real-time dashboards to manage real financial performance of your business and take effective steps to realize your business goals.

TotalServ Pro leverages the power of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform technologies to offer an end-to-end business integration solution with closed-loop financial control of your company. Also, the full multi-company financial controls of TotalServ Pro will offer you the flexibility to run more than one company’s financials as per the hierarchy defined.


Run you Whole Business Better on Familiar Microsoft Software

TotalServ Pro supports Intelligent Machine Learning and Microsoft Office 365 business integration to help your people carry about their activities effortlessly and consistently. In particular, your teams across different departments can now create quality customer Microsoft Office “Word” Templated documents from your company data, perform complex calculations through “Excel”, add ideas and To-Do things in One Note, create and share interactive reports through Sway, connect with customers and peers through Skype for Business, etc., right from the Microsoft leveraged TotalServ Pro environment.


Ready Today To Learn and Grow with Your Business

Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning and Dynamics CRM platforms of TotalServ Pro provide analytics-driven intelligence and a knowledge management system for unlocking continual improvement and delivering innovation to your customers. Azure Machine Learning identifies patterns that help you and your people deliver the right product or service to your customers.