Leveraging Your Business on Future-Built Technologies, Today!

TotalServ Pro utilizes the state-of-the-art technologies of Microsoft labs in the Microsoft business platform TSP is built on, to allow you and your people to reach ever new levels of productivity and customer satisfaction.

One of which is the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning – an intelligent machine learning technology which offers analytics-driven intelligence and a knowledge management system for you to drive more sales, service efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Ever increasing Artificial Intelligence (AI) from global leader Microsoft is built in to TSP – the future is built-in to your business with TSP.

Further TotalServ Pro leverages Microsoft breakthrough process automation, personal productivity, integrated communications, assisted work management including Microsoft’s Cortana (voice assistant), and more. Today you can have TotalServ Pro with the very finest AI, voice, and Business process automation solutions on all devices driving the future of your business.


Work Smarter with Analytics-Driven Intelligence and Knowledge Management

The ever-advancing Microsoft Azure Machine Learning technology in TotalServ Pro provides analytics-driven intelligence attached to business processes to receive data from customer and employee interactions, Jobs and Resources, Social networking, etc. The more your customers and staff use TSP internally or online, the more it learns, and the more everyone enjoys the experience of your business.

Today Machine Learning intelligence…

  • Identifies customer preferences for upsell and cross sell of products and services and anticipating your customer’s needs and issues.
  • Helps reduce costs and increased profits by intelligently training your users.
  • Managing resource allocation in schedules, Gantts, and user calendars increase job output by increasing staff utilization witch increases monthly volume, revenue, and profit.
  • TSP allows you to leverage Microsoft’s Social Engagement Intelligence to learn how people really feel about your business.
  • Listen everywhere. Analyze everything. Achieve more with Micosoft Machine Learning intelligence in TotalServ Pro.
In the future TSP utilizing Microsoft’s rapidily developing Mchine intelligence capability will keep yoyur services businress at the leading edge and ahead of the competition


Use Voice Interaction and Perform Activities Effortlessly

TotalServ Pro comes with Microsoft Cortona (voice assistant) support for Windows 10 devices to make it simpler and easier for your people to perform more business functions in less time.

Microsoft Cortana allows your people to perform functions such as setting up meetings, scheduling reminders, and performing detail tasks, while calling up information from searches, and creating and editing your business process records with a live machine personal assistant, 24/7.

Ever more innovative voice-enabled job assistance functions will be developed by Microsoft and utilized in TSP continually in the future – assuring your future with TotalServ Pro.


Your staff automatically trained in live intelligently based on contextual use

TotalServ Pro takes advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) “Learning Path”, in-app multi-media training material, which based on telemetry of your user’s needs and problems, delivers live machine intelligent contextual video, text, and info bubble training on-the-fly.

On any device your staff is using in performance of their job, TSP is continually monitoring their need for training and intelligently providing assistance as needed to assure high productivity and best practices.


Improve Customer Engagement by Leveraging Social Tools

Social channels are also integrated with Azure Machine Learning to track information via Microsoft Social Engagement available in TotalServ Pro and interact with customers on Twitter, Facebook, and the popular social media platforms. Microsoft Social Engagement is a key component of digital transformation solutions and gives your whole business insights into customer sentiment and behaviors. TSP maximizes the customer engagement for your business driving more revenue and profitability.